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Friday 3 September 2021



The Governor’s Prayer Breakfast is an annual event where state leaders join with the community in fellowship and prayer for Western Australia, displaying unity across the denominations.

The organising body is The Governor’s Prayer Breakfast Association Inc.



To bring together community leaders in fellowship and unity to acknowledge God’s values and call on his name, that God may hear and heal our land.

Speakers for 2021

The Hon. Kim Beazley, AC
Governor of Western Australia

The Hon. Kim Beazley, AC was sworn in on the 1st of May as the 33rd Governor of Western Australia. Mr Beazley was born in Perth, Western Australia and his career has seen him serve the Western Australian and Australian communities over 3 decades. Mr Beazley is well respected by his peers in politics and academia, bringing a wealth of experience to the role of Governor.

Jade Lewis
Keynote Speaker 2021

At 15, Jade Lewis had the world at her feet. She was a medal winning, aspiring young athlete with Olympic dreams. She had ambition, a loving family and countless friends. At 16, Jade decided to go to rave parties and was lured into the drug scene. By 18, Jade was addicted to heroin and on a downward spiral into drugs, crime and violence.

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