Trevor Stiles

Trevor served for nine years in the Royal Australian Navy from 1963 – 1972, seeing active service in Brunei and Vietnam. He was also serving on HMAS Hobart in 1968, when it was hit by friendly fire, killing two and injuring sixteen crew members.

After leaving the Navy, Trevor returned to Perth where he worked as a Credit Manager for several large companies. Until recently he was Credit/Commercial Manager for Broad Group Holdings Pty Ltd but is now enjoying his retirement after 52 years in the workforce.

He became a Christian in 1983, serving on the board of North Way Christian Centre for 12 years (1988 – 2000). Trevor joined the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast committee in 2002 and is currently its Chairperson, with responsibility for speaker and venue arrangements. Trevor and his wife, Sherryl, fellowship at Kingsway Christian Church.